Mission Statement


The mission of Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center (“Lincoln Park”) is to strengthen the cultural, educational, and economic vitality of [local, state, and national communities] by making high-quality arts and education programs available, accessible, and affordable for everyone.


In furtherance of this mission, Lincoln Park offers professional-grade performing arts productions and presentations, and high-quality arts-in-education programs and services that promote the transforming influence of the creative and performing arts for all age groups across Pennsylvania and throughout the tri-state region.


Each year, Lincoln Park provides or services educational programs, classes, workshops for thousands of youth.



Values and Vision


Lincoln Park pursues and achieves excellence by embodying the integration of arts education and performance, creating an environment where people from diverse backgrounds come to realize their potential through the transforming influence of the arts.


We create the Lincoln Park experience by producing world-class offerings and forging partnerships with local, regional, national, and international organizations and individuals, and becoming widely recognized by our unique array of exceptional programs and activities.


By obtaining high standards in all that we do, we attract broad base participation and support, enjoying long term financial stability, and making Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center and the community of Midland a destination – a place where the lights are always on.